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Happy New Year 2018

As we enter the New Year, one of the top resolutions is to GET ORGANIZED!  Sounds so overwhelming!  Where does one start?  Well, my advice to you is to start inyour home! 


Ok, great! How? Where?


I have 2 words for you...Feng Shui.


One of the main principles of Feng Shui is in order to have a home that is a pleasant home to be in. In order for a home to be a happy one, the Chi (energy) has to be able to flow without obstruction.  What are obstructions? Stagnant clutter. This type of clutter causes mental, physical and emotional stress.  Mental because its not nice to look at or live with and the subject is a constant annoying reminder of something you haven't gotten around to take care of.  Stagnant clutter causes stress physically because it can collect dust, and can just "get in the way". It also can cause stress emotionally because it doesn't induce happy feelings when you see it.


Here are 3 tips on how to start the year off right by de-cluttering your life:


1. Start with your closet!  If you havent worn it in 3-6 months chances are YOU WON'T!  Don't wait till when you lose weight or that special occasion...Its best to "live in the NOW"! Donate it! "One mans trash is another man's treasure".  Once you make room in your closet you'll have room for NEW THINGS YOU'LL LOVE! 


2. Front door! The most important room in the house is the entry! What do you think is better to be greeted by when coming home from work: A pile of (stinky) shoes or a cute cabinet (with stinky shoes inside that nobody sees) with a family picture on top?  Positive chi should be able to flowingly move through the door so that you feel happy to come home! So no matter what clutter greets you, HIDE IT and ENHANCE THE ENTRY! 


3. Organize! Bins, bins bins! This is a great way to compile toys, tools, spices, socks, books, etc.  Its better to look at labled bins (31 makes cute, customizable ones) than to look at piles of (fill in the blank). I would start room by room and see where and how you could use bins.


Once you follow these 3 simple steps, you'll notice a BIG difference in your life and you'll be off to a GREAT START!

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