Clear the Clutter to Create Space


While we are home during this challenging time, let us take this as an opportunity to do those things that we say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’


Let's begin by finding a space in your home that needs attention. For instance, clearing off ‘that’ chair, going through closets and drawers, clearing off the papers & bills stacked on your kitchen counter, or even the bigger projects, like clearing out the garage. 


The size of the space or the project is not critical, it’s the intention that matters.


Start by removing all items from the space you want clear. Have three different boxes or bags to sort the items into:

1. To Keep

2. To throw away or recycle

3. To sell, donate or giveaway


As you go through each of your items, ask yourself; 

Do I love it?

Do I need it?

Do I use it?


Feng Shui asks that you surround yourself only with items that you love, use or need.  

Time to use the ‘Marie Kondo’ method of sparking joy?  

If these items do not have any more use – it's time to let it go, pass it on.




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